Oh snap!

That’s right – under the wire yet again! You thought an entire year would go by without me posting? You were almost right, but whatever. You don’t have to be such a *dick* about it.

Anyway, plenty of stuff going on. We’re having another boy in April – name is tentatively Audric, which I still can’t believe I slipped past A-dawg; it sounds like he should have a yellow exclamation point above his head. I’m still working at MAKE magazine, which is going so-so (not enough hours to do everything that needs doing, extreme stress and pressure, etc.). Our house is coming along, despite toddlers flushing plastic thingies down the toilet. I’ve been looking at pictures of snow in the Northeast with my sad/frowny face on for all of your poor sucke…. people still there (don’t worry – you’ll get the last laugh when California’s economy collapses).

Super boring post. What do you want from me – I haven’t written anything here for almost a year.

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