My Triumphant Return!

Weep! WEEEEEEEP! (that’s my encouraging you to weep from my triumphant return).

I bet you thought it would be an entire year before I posted something here again. Well … you were almost right. It got awkward, I’m not going to lie to you. I’d boot up the site here and there and think – “man, I should write something,” and then I’d go back to doing whatever the hell it was I was doing. Something involving ponies, no doubt.

Then, after Gideon was born, I thought “maybe now is a good time?”, but … and I don’t mean to spoil things for you here – it wasn’t. I had a lot of stuff to say, but time kind of got to be a premium. Plus all I wanted to do was write about Gideon, and my wife has that covered, so I was stuck out there. Alone. So … so alone.

But, I figured today – what the hell. I’m starting a new job on Monday, and we’re moving to Sebastopol, CA in the very near future (our grand experiment to move back to the east coast failed, so we remain here in the beautiful California sunshine. Happy and sad, if you take my meaning). I’ve also been reading the always-funny-but-sometimes-depressing Captain, and I’ve been DM’ing D&D via Fantasy Grounds, and it would appear that the writing bug has reattached itself to my medulla or wherever the hell it lives.

I haven’t felt the same fury over our government for awhile there – I think I got beat down towards the end, then came out on the other side a little bit happier and a little bit worse for wear, like an abused spouse or a pony that has been whipped too much. Poor ponies.

Luckily for you, gentle reader (and I guessing there’s only one of you left out there, and it’s me), there is still plenty of shit to piss me off, though. Huzzaaaah!

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