Bye Bye Facebook

Don’t be alarmed – I haven’t unfriended you. But I have deleted my Facebook account. It’s nothing personal, I promise you – it just ended up being another avenue of ingress/egress that I felt like I didn’t need. Also, people kept tagging me in their albums, and I dislike that. Intensely.

I was going to use this as an opportunity to kind of rail against social networking (I had my soapbox out and everything), but then I kind of figured – why? I’ve seen people make some pretty shitty decisions on social networking sites, and I work for a company right now whose entire revenue stream involves covering up those mistakes, so all I’ll say is … please be careful out there. Someday you might want a different job, or to ride under the wire on something, or kind of be left alone for lack of a better word, and that might not always be possible. Once the cat is out of the bag, it’s tough (possible, but tough) to put it back inside.

At any rate – it was awesome getting back in touch with a lot of you. I’ll see you at the next big thing.

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