I can’t seem to help myself…

I’ll be honest with you – there are those of you out there (all 6 of you) who might remember how much I used to rail against the administration, the undisguised bullshit, the mythical Oceania vs. Eurasia battleground where our “men” and “women” (and I’m using sarcastic quote-marks, there, because they’re just kids to me at this point) fight and die to pad the pockets of white dudes in charge.

I try not to get worked up about it anymore – there was a period of time where I fell victim to the rampant apathy that seemed to have gripped the nation, beaten down until there was nothing left except a whisper of what it was once like to fight. “Fucking figures” was my motto, as grosser and grosser injustices came down the pipe and landed squarely on Our heads.

Anyway, like I said – I try not to get worked up about it anymore. At this point it’s hilarious. People like Michelle Malkin or Anne Coulter are just a joke to me at this point. I just don’t get why people want to still take them seriously.

Take the donut scarf, for example. Are you fucking serious? You really think she’s wearing a keffiyeh? And, while I’m on the topic, what if she was? Does wearing an article of clothing subsume you to it, make you some kind of slave? But Dunkin’ Donuts – and this is the part that blew my mind – caved. I comprehend dimly that they’re in this to make a buck, and maybe it’s cheaper to pull the commercial rather than run it, but the idea of someone being a pussy to stupidity kind of … well, it kind of pisses me off.

Meanwhile, we gave $80 million to a dude wanted by the FBI for $1.7 billion of tax fraud. Oh, and he was an investor in Arbusto Energy. You remember Arbusto, right? That’s the company that George W Bush formed, the one that accepted a $50,000 investment on behalf of Salem bin Laden (older brother to Osama) [I say "on behalf of" because the investment was made by one of the founders, James R. Bath, indicating that they knew the money might be "dirty"], the one that was repeatedly run into the ground by both W and his father until they sold their shares one week before the company announced a loss of $23.2 million, triggering an SEC investigation? Yeah, THAT Arbusto Energy.

My question is – where are you now, Michelle Malkin? I long to hear about your opinions of the patriotism of those responsible for donating $80 million to a business partner of Bush, despite being wanted for tax fraud. I absolute must hear you yelp and yowl about the injustice of it all, how the liberals are involved (they must be, right?), how we must be being … oh god! LOOK OVER THERE!! IT’S … IT’S A MARTIAN!! That’s right, America – it’s a fucking martian, didn’t you see it? You didn’t? You must be a fucking terrorist! Kill it! KILL IT!!! Crucify him! Crucify him! Cruc….

Sorry, got carried away there for a second. All I hope is that the nonsense of shit like Dunkin Donuts is a joke to more than just me. These days, happily, I feel like it is. I just look forward to the day when we discard all of these talking heads not because we hate them or love them or they piss us off or make us feel superior, but because we simply don’t need them anymore.

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