Goodbye Iowa (apologies to Buffy)

Bid adieu to mom and dad early in the morning, then struck out for the Badlands in South Dakota with a slight detour to Omaha, NE, since I hadn’t been there since a friend’s wedding almost a decade ago. Maybe it was less, I can’t remember.

Anyway, stopped and ate prime rib at a joint in Omaha, at which point I fell into a meat coma and was unable to move for almost 20 minutes – I could only be revived when someone waved a piece of okra under my nose (the first attempt with a potato, which I will call “dirt steak” from now on, was unsuccessful). I turned north at this point and hopped on 29 or some other highway with a number on it (but an ODD number, since it’s north-south. I have learned much of the Eisenhower Highway System. Like odd numbers go north-south. That’s pretty much all I know, actually. There’s a whole thing with 3 digit numbers either going around or through a city, but I figure at that point – who the fuck cares? If you’re going through the city, then … I dunno, yay. If you’re going around it, then you can always take an exit and go into it).

The corn-land has gradually turned to prairie, and ears are replaced by cows, though there were a couple of endless fields of sunflowers I passed by that I would have loved to gaze at awhile if I hadn’t been shooting by at 90 mph with a truck riding up my ass like drawers on a hot day. But the flash of yellow was quite pretty.

In Sioux Falls tonight, planning on pushing off to the Badlands tomorrow morning. Figure this will be the last shower I get for a few days.

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