Excuse me – what day is it?

It’s been 21 months since my last post. I can’t even believe it. I just spent some time porting all of my old blog entries over into WordPress, and I kind of went down the rabbit hole of maybe trying a new design, etc. But all of that was nonsense, and distracting me from my goal, which was to get my blog up and running again.

There’s no way for me to encapsulate the last two years into a pithy entry, of course. I didn’t even know anyone read this blog except for me, but a couple of people recently asked me about it, and I kind of wondered what had happened to it, like losing a Matchbox car in the yard and not finding it again until years later. It shines up nicely, I suppose, but I can’t recognize the person who was writing that blog as much, anymore. It feels like I’m looking at him through a rainy window.

So I’ll just start from today, like nothing has happened, as if you and I had bumped into each other in the street and decided to go for coffee. Tell you what – since I was the one that stopped writing you, I’ll even buy the first cup. But we’d better be at a bar before this is all over; I’m going to need it.

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