My cousin Birch is currently stationed in Germany, and we just found out he’s getting married to a nice Ukranian girl named Yana. They’re going to be tieing the knot in Toender, Denmark on Feb. 24th. Unfortunately, it looks like Birch has been activated for duty in Iraq, and he’ll probably be shipping out sometime in May.

For those of you who don’t know Birch – he’s the third oldest cousin, after myself and my cousin Jason. He was stationed in South Korea for a time, then got a transfer to Germany in the hopes of not going to Iraq but, what with enlistment at an all-time low and such, there doesn’t seem much hope for that.

Anyway, the useless prayers of an atheist go with him. If you, gentle reader, are a religious type, throw a prayer out there for him and for his new wife. It sure as hell can’t hurt, but hopefully it won’t be needed.

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