Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope things were fruitful.

I just wanted to say that I’m killing the e-mail address stefan@gadhra.com. Unfortunately, the amount of spam I get every day has resulted in me missing a few key messages from friends of mine. I’m going to be using my gmail account exclusively from here on. For those of you who are concerned with gmail’s privacy (or lack thereof), fear not – the contact page is forwarding to a non-published gadhra.com address, and I’ll respond to you that way.

For those of you who DO have my e-mail address, I’d like to politely ask that you not FUCKING SIGN ME UP FOR ANYTHING! I’m cautious about giving out my e-mail addy, and to see that caution completely fucked up because one of you feels I need free this or that. I don’t.

Anyway, it sucks that the e-mail address of my first name has to be thrown away, but what are ya gonna do. Live and learn.

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