Sink or…

Got a message from Mark about this 80-year-old guy who survived an 18 hour ordeal in the water. What I like about this story is that this dude knows he’s a total badass. “…most other people who do not have his experience would not likely have made it,” he said. I’m not really clear on how he has a bunch of experience being stranded in freezing water for 18 hours, but there you have it.

I was trying to find a similiar story about the surfer who was bitten by a shark, punched the shark in the mouth, was then bitten by the hand, punched the shark in the mouth with his other hand, swam back to shore and instructed beach-goers how to give him medical aid, but I can’t find it. Instead, I found this incredible site. Whenever someone has an entry like “11/13/00 Ethiopia: Children Eaten by Leopards,” you know you’re in for a good read.

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