Attention ‘Publicans

Pssst. Hey, you. The soulless ‘publican who only cares about money. I know that doesn’t narrow it down much, but check this out, anyway. I’m about to speak a language you might understand.

In September of 2002, Larry Lindsey (the senior economic advisor to the White House) estimated that the cost of the war in Iraq would be somewhere between 100 and 200 billion dollars. “Baloney,” Donald Rumsfeld told George Stephanopoulos on ABC “This Week”: “…[t]he Office of Management and Budget estimated it would be something under 50 billion dollars.” (Mitch Daniels is the head of the OMB, in case you’re wondering). Larry Lindseyresigned soon after with Paul O’Neill, immediately after unemployment numbers came back at an unexpectedly high 6 percent. Bad, stupid Larry Lindsey! Damn your truth!

On 25 March 2003, Bush submitted a $74.7 billion Supplemental Appropriations Request to Congress. He got it, in case you’re wondering. Oh yeah, and when Bush addressed the nation on 7 Sept. 2003, he let us know he was going to ask for $87 billion more. Oh, one more thing, on 5 August 2004 Bush signed the new Defense Bill for $391 billion dollars; $25 billion of that will go to Iraq right away “…in emergency appropriations to support current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.” If you take a look at the breakdown, it appears that there’s approximately another 89 billion that will go to Iraq in addition to the 25 (give or take a few billion here and there for non-Iraq purposes).

So, let’s do the math (I’ll wait while those of you in the Midwest and South take your shoes off):
74.7 + 87 + 25 + 89 = 275.7 billion dollars. And, if you’re a little slow here, 275.7 is bigger than 50 by about 5 times.

Wow, publies. It looks like this might cost more than he said; doesn’t sound like good financial sense to me. I’m sure you’re not worried, though – your corporate welfare and upper bracket tax breaks should see you through the dark times. And the Department of Transportation commited to spending almost 6% of their 2004 budget on finding an alternative to oil and gas (among other things, of course), so I’m sure we should be able to break our oil addiction in no time and bring those boys home. Right, you heartless sacks of shit?

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