Partisan Forever

So, my blind rage from yesterday has been replaced by a smoldering hatred. I worked out for 2 1/2 hours yesterday, and I’m betting I’ll be doing it again today.

Anyway, to show you I’m not a poor sport, I wrote:
10 Good Things About Bush Winning

9. I always liked Planet of the Apes
8. Four years of content for my blog.
7. I’m a small business owner, and the tax cuts – BWAHAHAHAHAAA!! Sorry, I was almost able to finish that one.
6. Diminishment of those pesky civil liberties
5. Mixing Church and State means I can pray AND get car registered
4. No children will be left behind.
3. I’m too old to be drafted
2. Legitimate reason not to visit the South
1. Holiday time with Republican family members.
0. Reaffirmation in my belief that half the people in the US are assholes.

Oh, and putting aside partisan politics and cooperating with the new administration? Fuck you.

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