Goodie Gumdrops

So, I’ve been thinking, and an email from Greg in Australia kind of reaffirmed things for me. Before, when the US was doing all kinds of crazy shit, invading nations and stuff like that, the People of the World ( that’s the world outside of the US ) blamed the US administration but believe that, generally speaking, the actual inhabitants of the US were good and true. Now that we have actually endorsed that monkey, I’m guessing that the rest of the world might not be so hot on us. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they might think we’re assholes.

I don’t blame them, incidentally. We are assholes.

Also, I made a mistake in yesterday’s post on #3. The draft age will be raised to 34 from 25, so I’m still eligible. We’ll also “…be required to regularly update the agency on [our] skills until [we] reach age 35.” Won’t that be awesome! I can barely wait until I’m able to report to the US Shadow Government my skills, so they can put me to the best use possible.

Sadly, however, I don’t know how to use computers ( my dog is typing this for me ), and I feel that people should speak English or just grunt, so I won’t be able to help them with their computer technician/linguist shortage.

What’s that you say? This new bill will never be passed, since it would have to go through the House and Senate, then not be vetoed by the President? Whew, good point. As long as there’s some sort of balance out there, we should be fine.

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