An island unto himself

Let the healing begin! I’m so ready to embrace the rest of the nation now, it’s almost killing me. We’re so much alike in so many ways, it’s scary.

Anastasia was talking to people at work, and what struck them the most, more than anything else, was how out of touch we feel with the rest of the country we live in. We have radically different opinions about God,. homosexuality, Fox News, and the environment. There is a giant swath of red in the center of the country. We have no idea why they think the way they do – they might as well live on Mars, for all we know, and I’m sure they feel the same way about us. Compare a Bush endorsement with a Kerry endorsement to see how crazily skewed things are.

So, can those boundaries be healed? Will the country ever come together? I hope not, and I’m not saying that because I’m being curmudgeonly. I look at my peers, the people in the intellectual community of the Left, and at the residents of the Blue states, and we are so different from the rest of the nation we might as well be part of Canada ( or the Reds be part of Mexico, which would amuse me to no end ). Healing isn’t possible – it shouldn’t be possible, because if the nation is “healed,” it means the Left has surrendered. There is no surrender, as far as I’m concerned. The battle begins anew, like it did 4 years ago, and like it will no doubt start again in the future. See you on the front lines.

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