4 Dead In…

Just got home from the parents’ house – we were doing some TV watching to see how the election results were rolling in. We were feeling pretty good when Pennsylvania went to Kerry, but then those assholes down in Florida went to Bush, reaffirming my oath to never travel south of New England again. The eyes are on Ohio – either way it falls, I’m sure there are going to be challenges to the results.

Kerry can take New Hampshire (4), Michigan (18), maybe New Mexico (5) and Nevada (4), Oregon(7), and Washington(11). That’s 237 right there. From what I’m looking at right now at 12:30am, he’s ahead in Minnesota(10), Iowa(7), and Wisconsin(11), but it’s by a hair’s breadth. That’s a total of 265, still short of victory. It all comes down to Ohio. If Bush takes Ohio, that’s 258 for him, still not enough for victory. It’ll go to the House of Reps, and since they’re publies, Bush will win.

There were some Republican Ohio residents at Rob and Annie’s wedding. We should have taken them out when we had the chance.

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