Promises, promises

Sorry about the delay, there – I just started a new job over here, so I’ve kind of been dicking around with that, rewrapping my brain around the whole work experience, etc. I’m a “Senior Consultant” over here, which means that I get to kind of sit around and think of solutions to problems, which can be good and bad; it can go either way.

The Florida trip wasn’t so bad; the area I was in has been totally devestated by Hurricane Charley, and many, many people are without homes, electricity, or phones. A sobering sight, to be sure, and the amount of destruction in such a short period of time was a real eye-opener.

I commented on the ignorance of the South in my little blurb last week, and that was probably a little mean-spirited of me – in fact, I know it was. I just couldn’t help it. I saw some bumper stickers down there that – whoo! I don’t even want to think about it. It felt good to be back up North, and we’ll leave it at that.

The RNC, as I’m sure you know, is next week. I will be sitting quietly in my house, knitting. Looking forward to it.

I just realized this is only my 3rd posting of August. I suck.

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