I’m so close

I’m so close to being done. So … close. I can actually taste it. This Friday, I’ll be done with this job, and out enjoying myself.

Many people have been wondering what I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks. I’ll be going to the aquarium. Visiting family in Florida. Going to a Mets game. And flying around in my goddamn light-speed spaceship, dropping my 100 Tonne mechs on the streets of the world’s largest cities while the populace runs screaming in chaos, bringing about the New Entropic Order I have long planned for and dreamed of.

I’ll also be going hiking, picking apples, and coming back to NYC to show my support of the Republican National Convention. Be sure to look for me on the news, holding my supportive sign and totally and without malice smiling and laughing joyously at the thought of that fucking tyrant on the other side of the wall of police, chatting it up with the “publies” inside – a sea of white, fat faces as far as the eye can see – and peacefully protesting, maybe singing Kum Ba Ya or some shit ( because I know how much of a difference stuff like that can make ) and not in any way getting involved in anything untoward or invoking any memories of Seattle or the sacking of Berlin.

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