Sad and Unfortunate

I’m hoping that some of you are breathing a sigh of relief, no matter how short lived.

Look, I quite frankly don’t give a shit where you stand on homosexuality – whether you think it’s wrong or right is completely irrelevant in this case. The US Constitution should never be used as a weapon to restrict the rights of others; the power of Amendment should only be used to better society, and opening up the doorway to an abridgement of freedom is like taking a step back into the fucking Stone Age. I know we are a fundamentalist Christian culture, but let’s combine the Church and State with a little more subtlety so I don’t have to be completely outraged all the time.

If you’re a liberal, your stance should be that this abridges the freedom of the individual, and you should go back to rolling over and getting the shit kicked out of you by Republicans. If you’re a conservative, your stance should be that the federal government is outside its jurisdiction in trying to tell the States what to do, and you should go back to hording money and praying to Jesus to kill Iraqis or polish your SUV or whatever it is you do.

Case closed.

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