Sold American

It looks like my parents have sold their house, about 9 minutes after they put it on the market. This came as a bit of a surprise to them, but not to me and my wife – we were shocked it didn’t take 5 minutes, or that my parents weren’t attacked by buyers the moment the first hammer-stroke fell on the For Sale sign out front.

Thing could still fall through, of course, but I kind of doubt it. The house is being purchased by a family down the street (very entrepeneurial of them, if I do say so myself), and I think they have about a hojillion dollars to put down, so I think they *might* get a mortgage (though the bank is still iffy on that – they normally hate giving out mortgages, even though they make even more money than you can possibly imagine of of them. Or I could possibly imagine, at any rate).

So, this means my parents are suddenly (in their minds, anyway) without a home. They’re going to rent something (obviously), but they have to figure out where. They want to stay in Danbury for the next year or so, since they’re going to continue commuting to Stamford until they retire in June 2005 – if you know of any places for rent (personally, not via the newspaper or the InterWeb), you should drop me a line and let me know.

We should have one last LAN party there. I’m going to make that happen…

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