Fly like an eagle! Flyyyy… shit.

My man T Wrex put me onto this, a story that made me laugh so hard that I think I temporarily passed out, because I woke up on the floor.

I know I shouldn’t laugh – that it’s a terrible thing, especially with the Tamil Tigers threatening more violence – but the line “Instead of soaring majestically into the air to symbolise the government’s commitment to peace and goodwill, the dove “dropped like a brick” on to the ground.” is too rich to pass up.

The best part for me is the pictures. They’ve got one pic of the guy holding the dove, another of it flapping madly out of his hands, but they don’t have the final pic that I really wanted, of a dove lying toe-up on the ground, maybe his tongue kind of hanging out his mouth because he’s so thirsty. That would have been some journalistic integrity, I can tell you

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