The Little People

I put my man Korzak on assignment awhile back, to find me a video from the Dave Letterman show in which George Bush cleans his glasses on Maria Pope, the producer of the David Letterman show, without her knowledge, like she was some kind of chamois rag. It was just after Bush won, and he was on Letterman heeing and hawing or whatever it is he does. I think I saw him wave to his friends in the bin Laden family in the front row, but I can’t confirm that.

Anyway, long story short – Korzak found the video. He wants me to relay the message that he’s some sort of nerd God (Dorkanus or something) and that he and he alone found this elusive video.

All kidding aside, I find this action by the President to be the summation of his term in office; his legacy, if you will. We, the people of the United States, are nothing more to him than furniture. His wealth and his presidency were built on the backs of people like you, me, your parents, your teachers, and (probably) most of your friends. To treat human beings with such blatant disregard has been the clarion call of these past 4 years, starting with the subversion of the will of the People (in a majority vote) to the government that so many have given blood and lives for.

I’m a cynical man, to be sure. I don’t believe in the veneer of nationalism that we call “patriotism” (regardless of country) or that we should stand by any country right or wrong. But I believe that people as a whole strive to do good things; that democracy may be flawed, but it’s a process along the way to a society that can live with each other equally; and, most importantly, in the sanctity of human life and the joy of people just being people. We aren’t pieces of furniture for those with more money to do with as they please. I hope – truly pray to a God I don’t even believe in – that the rest of the American people realize their self-worth as well, and vote that asshole straight back to Texas.

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