I was going to follow my dreams, but they weren’t on the way to work…

Whew! Hell of a week. I actually stayed in a hotel on Wednesday – the beautiful and scenic Hotel 17, which is quite nice. It’s got kind of an Indiana Jones/Orient Express decor – very Art Deco – and you feel like some sort of adventurer staying there. It’s clean, and at $80/night it’s one of the cheapest places in NYC. You have to share a bathroom, but what the hey. It’s not like I can see the bacteria, after all.

We’re trying to get a roof for the house, and the grass cut, and about a million other things. I’ve been busy staving off the panic that I made a poor decision by quitting my job and striking out on my own, but hopefully all that will go away soon. I’m working hard enough, God knows, so forgetting has been surprisingly easy.

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