Email Now Worky

Did you like how I played with the “W” in the title between today and 2 days ago? I know you do, you goddamn liar. Say it. SAAYYY ITT!

So yeah – email’s working again, so feel free to email me and I’ll continue to ignore you. Korzak actually tried to tell me that he had e-mailed me the winning Power Ball numbers and they had somehow gotten lost, but little does he know that I’ve already won the Power Ball, and I’m going to use my newfound wealth to make him suffer in ways unimaginable to even Pol Pot. I’m going to spend money on so many robots it’ll make the final scene of the Matrix Revolutions seem like 2 dudes playing with an Aibo. I’ll use my wealth to crush his miserable little soul.

I’ll also be buying myself a pony and an iPod.

Last month, the 2 google search terms that turned up people to my site were “fuckmouth” and “groin.” I look forward to continuing this fine tradition in the future.

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