You may have spotted this on slashdot, but it looks like they’re hot on the trail to Atlantis again. I’m going to have my next birthday party at fucking Atlantis-World, you assholes, and every one of you that was mean to me is soooooo not going to be allowed in. I’m going to have mermaids and everything, and I’m going to be hanging out with some crop-circle making, pyramid-building, other-worldly ALFs (that’s Alien Life Forms, not the fuzzy TV show guy) while you’re at home sitting in your underwear in the bathtub eating onion dip out of the can with your finger and just crying your little eyes out that you didn’t bow to my every wish just so you could come to the party of the millenium.

There’s going to be ice-cream cake and everything. It’s going to be so cool

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