I feel better

It’s cool, everyone. Your worry is completely unfounded. The outsourcing of your jobs to other countries is GOOD

You see, it’s very simple. “Outsourcing is just another form of trade…”, the kind of trade where you get to eat left-over pizza out of a dumpster while guys like Ken Lay get really, really rich. Think of it as wealthy people trading your soul/well-being to other countries. For money!

Also, just because “[s]ince the Great Depression, it has never taken this long for the economy to begin creating jobs after emerging from a recession…”, don’t let that alarm you. I’m sure any day now the positive … uh … kickbacks … from outsourcing your job to India will completely and totally start to … uh… improve the economy and then you’ll have your …. job back … even better than… before?

Vote for me!

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