Adam’s Response

I wanted to post Adam’s response to balance things out a bit. He had emailed me wondering why on earth I hadn’t hit him up on the email link he’s got on the bottom of the page. In truth, I didn’t see it, probably because I was so interested in formulating my response that I didn’t look hard enough for a way to actually respond.

I emailed him back – a lengthy email that I won’t print here. I’ll summarize in brackets where appropriate.


Good afternoon, Stefan.

Now that’s more like it! I find it generally helps to try opening up a dialogue with someone before slagging them as being “full of shit.”

[I made some comments about feeling like a jerk for not writing him directly]

Well, don’t feel that way on my account. You wrote back, that’s the important part. Any lingering feelings of guilt are easy enough to get rid of, by posting some follow-up thought.

[I talked a lenght about activists targetting well known brands]

Tactically, this may well be correct. Strategically – which is how I try to think – the debate is framed all wrong if it concentrates on Western consumer brands. The fuckers are evil, they’re killing the planet, and they’re in the People’s Liberation Army and the Saudi royal family as well as the White House. The struggle is multilocal, and multifocal.

That said, I’m not an activist either – not really. I’m a writer and a user-experience consultant. And from a user-experience POV, anyway, the two brands I wrote about shine.

[Finally, I asked him why he likes Starbucks, since the quality of their product sometimes is sub-par]

People also seem to have misread me on Starbucks’ quality, and that’s probably my fault for not being overly explicit. I don’t think Starbucks coffee is the best available, merely better than the swill we used to choke down.

Far better is the Dean & DeLuca House Blend I make at home, or try to catch if I’m out and about. But they don’t have Dean & DeLuca in Seoul, and I can’t carry my coffeemaker everywhere. : . )

Thanks for getting back to me, man. I appreciate it.

Keep fighting the good fight,


If anyone wants my whole email to him, and my response to this last email, please send me a message.

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