Real American Heroes

There’s an update to Get Your War On and, quite frankly, it’s a goddamn thing of beauty.

I just wanted to give a “shout out” to all the heroes who came up this weekend to knock stuff down and strip down wallpaper. That’s right, heroes. Rob, Eric, Scott, Mark, Sergio, Liz, Min Gi, and Mary P all came by on Saturday and got “jiggy” all up and down my pad. Black “Macguyver” Afrob dropped this sweet rope and pulley system on the shacks (the product of many hours of trying to figure out how to lift up a thousand ton bong, no doubt) and the “ladies” were heroically stripping wallpaper or cooking or something. This was good, since my father and I were busy sticking a nail through the radiator pipe and sending cascades of million degree water (seriously, if it were any hotter it would have been steam) shooting through the house. Ahh, good times.

In addition, Sean McIntosh stopped by on Sunday to … are you ready for this? …. clean our bathroom. That’s right. The man who, not 6 years ago, didn’t even know what a toilet brush was was saying to me over his shoulder “you know, a lot of people forget to clean behind the toilet, and it gets really dirty back there. Can you hand me some more paper towels?”

Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone through a time warp.

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