It’s been awhile

This once a week thing has to stop. I’m going to go with baby steps – I’ll bring myself back to 3 times a week, then slowly but surely move towards the daily I tried for before.

Things are going well in da’ hizouse. First, let me give a “shout out” to all the people who were there, helping me get my move on, last week. I was sick as two very sick dogs last week – I think I had SARS or something – and everyone was there to pick up the slack. Even Darren and Lou showed up, which was one of the nicest surprises a man could ever have.

You’re all heroes. Give yourselves a hug.

Farm life is nice, I must say. Wake up ass o’clock, drink my coffee (out of my new coffee-maker, which kicks total and absolute ASS), maybe wander outside and catch a quick bit of frostbite. When it snowed on Wednesday, I was actually trapped in my house with no way to go anywhere, which was moderately alarming at first but something I slowly got used to.

The commute sucks.

I also found this transcript of what it’s like to sit next to Korzak during a special sneak preview of the Lord of the Rings. Enjoy!

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