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Time Out

OK, so there’s this article that Adam Greenfield wrote over at that I wanted to discuss. Please read this article – it’s funny! – then, come back. Have you read it? Good. Adam Greenfield is full of shit and … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

This once a week thing has to stop. I’m going to go with baby steps – I’ll bring myself back to 3 times a week, then slowly but surely move towards the daily I tried for before. Things are going … Continue reading

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Dear America. Fuck you. Love, CBS

Apparently, free speech doesn’t mean shit in this country anymore. Differing viewpoints? Intelligent debate? A joke. CBS is throwing their support the Monkey’s way by refusing to run the “Bush in 30 seconds” commercial, despite the fact that they’re … Continue reading

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Real American Heroes

There’s an update to Get Your War On and, quite frankly, it’s a goddamn thing of beauty. I just wanted to give a “shout out” to all the heroes who came up this weekend to knock stuff down and strip … Continue reading

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Check out this Beavis look-alike on It’s truly amazing!

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New design. You like?

I’m bored with the old design so I tossed this up there. It’s still substandard, but I’m working on it. Let me know if you like this design, or if I should go back to the other one. So…tired…

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Got this message today from the Man Down Unda’ (Greg Miner). We were supposed to hang out on New Years Day, but I didn’t hear from him. He left me a message that I didn’t get until the third and… … Continue reading

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House Pics

Normally quite boring, but anyone who wants to see pics of the housework, check out this link

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Take me to your Leader

Hope everyone’s new year’s eve went well. I spent it with my wife in our new house, so that makes me officially “old.” At least I didn’t go to bed before midnight. Just at, like, 12:04 am. Anyway, Korzak (I … Continue reading

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