Supplies are low; we’ve eaten the sled dogs

Jamie’s 30th birthday was this weekend.

I just wanted to throw that out there so you know what’s up. As you may or may not know, it snowed a shit-ton this weekend – first snow of the year, I might add, so things were more chaotic then normal. I left work early on Friday,and driving home was like riding a tricycle through Baghdad. I saw some of the most stupid shit I think I have ever seen.

At any rate – the party. Eric was driving up. I wanted to go with him, and I called him to see how it was going. He apparently had been stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes. And had gotten THREE LIGHTS DOWN FROM HIS HOUSE! I told him to abandon all hope and turn back,but he’s a trooper and he would have none of it.

I knew Jamie’s party was going to be fun. Korzak knew it was going to be fun, as well – in fact, he even started warming up a few days earlier (the following message was from Thursday):


I am not stefan

but youn AR!!!

I want to see you rthis weekend

but if i DO niot

I will understand

Yoiu have house and busines sshit to do

wich is very importanrt

there will be tioher times for debauchery abnd drinking and tomfoolery

as evidenced byn thsaie email

If Korzak was already speaking Aramaic, I knew we were in store for a good time.

I figured I’d wait until Saturday morning to leave. I got a message at 2:45 am on Saturday morning – apparently, Mark, Sean, and Eric had JUST ARRIVED AT ROB’S HOUSE, which is over the border with Connecticut. The message was grim; they were encouraging me to drive the 10.5 hours to Rob’s house for the party, insisting that a) Jamie would do it for me, b) if I didn’t go, Jamie would cry, c) 10.5 hours in the car isn’t too bad, if you think about it.

I passed on going up, though I’m very sorry I missed the party. I took care of some business over this weekend, packed, made brownies, drank hot cocoa and scotch, and talked to my wife. It was all very relaxing.

I have learned, however, that if your friends are going out drinking, you MUST turn your phone off before you go to sleep, otherwise you WILL get half-coherent calls at ass o’clock am. Sure enough, I got a message at 4:55am, Sunday morning from Mark. Since I hope that it defines the good time that was had, I’m going to let it stand on its own. Happy Birthday, Jamie!!

“It’s been snowing for five straight days. Most of us are drunk or dead. Eric has driven through 10 million cubic feet of snow. it was the best fucking time. Ever.”

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