Sieg Haus!

It’s a done deal, gentle readers.

That’s right. On 12/18/03, I bought a lovely house on seven acres of DEAR GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!! DID WE KEEP THE RECEIPT?!

OK, that’s over with. Since the purchase of this house, I have been working on/in it. HurricaneMasta has been kind enough to help, and didn’t laugh once when I turned the sander on and shot straight through the floor into the basement, landing with my face on the sand paper and actually digging a hole all the way to the bone of my skull.

Haha! Just kidding! Just the kind of humor you’re going to get from me these days – the kind of humor that laughs in the face of a several-hundred thousand dollar debt and a mountain of housework that needs to be done, let alone the move, let alone the entire other structure on my property (a barn) which I want to turn into the greatest game center since Tron but instead will, at this time, turn it into a shed for holding tools.

But at least I won’t be living in NJ.

The house, as you may or many not know, is about 240-odd years old. The woman who lived there was actually a historian, and she hooked us up with old maps and an entire binder (filled with aged photographs) of what the house looked like. I’ll post it online in the near future in case you’re bored and want to read more about our domicile. In addition to that little report, I’m going to post pics so you can see the (hopefully) beneficial changes we’re bringing to the building.

For those who have asked – we’re not going to be moving at the end of December. There’s too much to do. The move will be postponed until the end (or near the end) of January 2004, provided our landlord hasn’t rented the place out in the past few days, a feeling not unlike your parents renting out your room when you’ve left for college (don’t think I’ve forgotten that).

I’m hoping to post again, but if I don’t – have a Happy Christmas. Oh, and if you haven’t sent me your address for a Christmas card… let’s just say I’ve been talking to Santa and he’s going to bring you some Anthrax.

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