Merry Christmas

We’re planning on working on our house this Christmas, the gift which (apparently) just keeps on giving.

I’d like to take a moment and step away from the usual vitriolic misanthropy and left-wing political platitudes that I usually espouse on this site, and wish the soldiers on both sides of the Iraq conflict a little goodwill and (God willing) a little peace. It’s easy to forget that these are just boys who are giving up their lives for the policies of men who have never seen war – these soldiers (on both sides) do only what they’re told; they do not in and of themselves propogate the conflict.

Whether you agree with the war or not, I’m sure you wish the safe return of many Americans to their families here in the States. I’m not a religious man (as many of you know), but I pray that they will be spending the holidays with their loved ones in 2004. And to those soldiers who will be returning to the US in a body bag, I hope you’re in a place unlike earth; a place where the tyranny of the few is outweighed by the peace of the many.

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