Happy New Year

The last post of 2003. *sigh* It makes me go a big rubbery one.

I wanted to write a bunch of deep stuff about the passing of this year into the next one, and the pit-pat of sand in the glass, but I don’t have it in me. It’s been a hell of a year – Gentleman Jim and Jade, the new houses for me and Dell, kicking my mother-in-law out, getting to know Korzak a little better, Hurricane Masta finally getting a girl he doesn’t need to blow up, Jamie becoming a teacher, Black Afrob getting engaged (to a girl, no less), dozens of people turning 30, “Big” Mac becoming “Just” Mac, a war or two, and parties galore. I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff in there that I don’t remember but is no less important. How does one encapsulate that into a pithy statement, or a few lines? One doesn’t, is the short answer.

I always felt that the new year should begin on the winter solstice, because it’s the shortest day. All the days up until the summer solstice get progressively longer; it’s like your entire year is being reborn. The flip of the calendar year, however, seems to have this certain sense of finality. On the other hand, the Christians among us think the new year should begin on Christ’s birth, our hope and salvation reborn with the lengthening days.

My point in this is that it’s arbitrary. We slice up time into chunks that we can easily comprehend. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, because I think that we all need to pause at least once in our many trips around the sun to re-evaluate our lives and see where we’re headed. Whether you do it now or in June is of no concern, and I’m vowing that this year I’m going to try to pause and make sure I’m heading in the “right” direction a little more often.

That, and to lose some weight. Everyone else is on a diet, and if I have to become the “Big Man” I’m going to cry.

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