If you don’t want to translate Korzak’s binary crap, here it is!
It is my greatest hope that some day in my lifetime, the technology will be available to transfer human consciousness to a machine. host That is to say, before I die, I would willingly give up my human form to continue existing as a disembodied mind, residing in an artificial matrix of some sort. A digital entity. I’m too curious, too much of a voyeur of humanity to ever willingly accept death. I would much rather continue on in machine form, inside a robotic chassis, than just stop existing. I’m certain that with time, artificial bodies will be created so perfectly that they will be as good as actual human flesh, and then we’ll improve on those as well. Preferably, I’d have a human form for interacting with people, and also be able to control any number of other robotic appliances to do things that no human being would be capable of doing. The thought of it makes me giddy.

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