The Ol’ Pigskin

Wowie zowie. Got a lot of responses from people about what reviews to do; I’ll post some of these gems at some point this week so I can begin planning. There’s even going to be an Australian Theme; the movie is supposed to be an independent film but may instead be Crocodile Dundee, the epic drama of this guy who’s Australian and stuff.

I went up to the motherland for a bit this weekend to visit the famileeee. I indulged in the pleasures of watching football, which I haven’t done in many moons. My father and I found ourselves yelling and cursing during the closing minutes of the Auburn v. Ole Miss game. This kid named Obomanu had put Ole Miss in scoring position with an incredible run. They passed to him on third and goal, and the ball hit him square in the chest and bounced away; Ole Miss lost.

My cousin Brook was supposed to get tickets to the Rutgers v. UConn game, but it was sold out (surprisingly enough). As usual, Rutgers lost with a heartbreaking fumble at their 6 yard line with a 1:19 left to play. I think Rutgers went 6 and 6 my first year there, and have gotten steadily worse ever since. They may end up with a .500 record this year, but I doubt it.

I need a vacation so badly. I’ve decided I’m going to Guam as soon as I figure out where it is.

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