Review. Part 2

as trying so hard to blog every day this week. I’m a…a…failure.


I took the day off from work yesterday to do some house crap. I only mention this because work is where I do my blogging during the time when I should be working. It’s a nice deal I have with work. I take ten minutes or so to blog, and they piss me off until I want to rip my own heart out of my chest and eat it.

I’ve decided to do thematic reviews, since I’m combining many different topics. Here are the rules of my reviews:
1) I will do a movie/book/drink/music review, all wrapped up in one
2) The minimum number of drinks I will have will be six, so that I might really get a feel for whether or not the drink is any good.
3) I will drink while I watch the movie. I will listen to music while I read the book.
4) I will publish these things all as one, like this:

movie: Pirates of the Carribean
drink: The Captain’s Jewel
music: The Crimson Pirates
books: O’Brien’s Master and Commander

movie: Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai
drink: Warm sake
music: Some Japanese stuff
books: The Hagakure

then with reviews.

Anyway, Pirates and Samurais are all I have. I need some suggestions. Feel free to punish me, like “Review the dungeons and dragons movie, drink car bombs, read something by Jane Austen, and listen to country music” and I’ll promptly ignore you.

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