More Dongery

First of all, I missed the special sneak-preview of Matrix Revolutions at an undisclosed location last night. Thanks, mother-in-law! Your gifts to me just keep on giving.

Second, I just wanted to show you people this picture. This is the picture that massive penis-licker sent me because of my email from yesterday. Here’s his note:

Sorry for the jargon. I have attached a little schematic diagram of how to record and avoid or minimize the distortion caused by bursts of air across the microphone. Another way to help with positioning is to monitor your production with a headphone pugged into the recorder as you are recording. If you can produce a lot of words beginning with P like “peter Piper picked….” without hearing the distortion at the beginning of each word, then the positioning is OK. Avoid putting the microphone directly in front of your mouth. Thanks.

Oh, I’ve got some P for you, bitch. How about “I’m gonna punch your pug til I puncture that pustule you call a brain, mother pucking punk.” And I’ve got some pictures for you, bitchass. How about this? Or this?

Seriously – anyone hiring out in the upstate NY area? Here’s where I’m going to be living. I’m willing to commute up to fifty minutes (with traffic) from my house. If you can guarantee that I’ll be able to actually program or do networking and NOT have to fucking look at pictures from retards, drop me a line

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