Evil Incarnate

Sorry, Emma, I’m going to have to point out one of the stories you pointed out on your vastly-more-popular-than-mine website.

It’s The True Danger of Your Child Reading the Harry Potter Books.

I’d like to draw your attention to acclaimed director Bill Schnoebelen’s four hour movie about how Harry Potter is evil, “presented in a dynamic, town hall forum-type format.” Bill was apparently involved in “Witchcraft and Satanism” and is thus an expert on the subject, in much the same way I know exactly what it’s like to be black and try to catch a taxi at 3am in midtown Manhattan because I know Cardell Kerr. If you have the sanity, read the book reviews. Here’s some snippets.

“As we noted above, Rowling consistently depicts people who do not practice Witchcraft in most obnoxious terms. They are depicted as being really, really dumb, boring, and living a life not worth living…” [Ed note: That's definitely true of the Christian Coalition]


“No person who considers themselves Christian can read this book without partaking of Satan’s cup; therefore, he deceives himself mightily who thinks that, after reading Harry Potter, he will be accepted by the Lord at His table. Trying to do this will only “provoke the Lord to jealousy”, moving Him to act against us.” [Ed note: The Lord is jealous? I thought He was above petty human concerns...]

And, of course, the watchword of all Christian assholes everywhere:
“What would Jesus have you do?”

God willing, Jesus would have me be an informed human being and not listen to the vitriolic ramblings of a depraved and fucked-up individual like Bill Schnoebelen. But, then you wouldn’t get your $24.95 plus shipping and handling, would you?

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