My Tummy Hurts

When they deny my mortgage application, I hope they send a gorillagram with big red balloons that read “Fuck No!”

Also, I’d like you to play the best game EVER

Finally, I’ve decided I need some sort of theme: some reason for you to tune in every day rather than hear me fucking prattle on and on and on about nothing except politics and…where was I? Oh yeah. A theme.

Here’s what I’m willing to review/do for you ungrateful people:
* Review Books
* Review Movies
* Review Music
* Review Software (not games, I’ll leave that to Penny Arcade)
* A weekly short story
* CSS/HTML Tips and tricks (weekly)
* Review Beer and Hard Liquor

Here’s what I’m NOT willing to do:
* Show pictures of my poop, my wang, or my ass
* Do ANYTHING with midgets or clowns
* Anything I find boring

All 5 of my readers should contact me and tell me what they would like to see.

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