The Bumble Snowman

Korzak and I have been discussing lately that the Japanese have been going buck crazy with what we affectionately call “science”. Glow-in-the-dark worms. Pigs made out of spinach. Flesh-eating Robots. Sushi. The list goes on and on.

Add another to this, please

Now I personally got all sneery when I first read this; I was all ready to laugh at those crazies. But here’s the thing – the dude who’s doing this (Yoshiteru Takahashi) is a 60-year old house fitter who is going to scale the Dhaulagiri mountain range in the Himalayas. Who am I to pass judgement on him? A big trip for me is my commute home. I got to thinking that this is kind of cool; it’s got a whole Jules Verne feel about it, and my mind’s eye imagines this team of Japanese businessmen and Nepali sherpas climbing the frozen and quiet peaks searching for one of the few elusive legends left in this goddamn world. Then I started to get depressed. At least these guys are *doing* something. I don’t do anything but write about things other people do.

So here’s the deal. Some of you may know that I’m trying to buy a house. We haven’t been having much luck. So if we (meaning my wife and I) don’t get a house by January 1st, 2004, we’re taking our life savings and travelling the earth for at least 12 months. I have a route mapped out and everything. And as much as I would like a house and all this normalcy that people keep talking about, there’s a part of me that wants to share a drink in some Kathmandu bar with Mr. Takahashi while he regales me with his tales of the Search for the Yeti.

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