Fun With Google

I got this idea from Korzak and I’ve been talking to the Googoracle. Talking to the Googoracle is easy – just go to Google, type in a question or phrase, and hit the “I Feel Lucky” button. The Googloracle will tell you all you need to know. Here are the questions and statements I’ve asked It so far (plus I Wish I Was Dead from yesterday)

~ I hate my job more than life itself
~ For each pony I don’t receive for my birthday someone will die (I can’t believe someone registered this website)
~ It hurts when I breathe because my life is meaningless (this story made it worse)
~ I would like to go back in time and kill Jane Austen (a link for Pride and Prejudice. Google is ironic!)
~ I wonder how sea cucumbers make baby sea cucumbers
~ I’m thirsty for the blood of my enemies (they have a song called Blood Of Christians On My Sword? Kick ass!)
~ I’d rather shove two red-hot knitting needles into my eyes than work here another hour (a knitting website called Twisted Spinster? I wonder if they have instructions on sticking needles in your EYES!)
And my personal favorite:
~ sometimes when I close my eyes I imagine i’m someone important, lucky, or good looking instead of some overweight jackass loser (that one *definitely* stung)

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