A Great Day for Fascism Democracy

Wow! A new bill called VICTORY, (hold the irony) proposed by the office of Orrin Hatch to go after “drug dealers” by eroding our rights even more? How can I cast my vote for *that* little gem? Oh, I can’t because I don’t have a say?

Here’s my favorite part of the piece:

“We have built a new ethos of justice, one rooted in cooperation, nurtured by coordination and focused on a single overarching goal: the prevention of terrorist attacks,” Ashcroft said. “All of this has been done within the safeguards of our Constitution, and the guarantees that our Constitution provides, protecting American freedom.”

I know it’s hard to believe that Ashcroft can say the word “ethos” in a sentence without his fucking tongue burning right out of his mouth, but his reference to the Constitution is what I found really fucking *great*! Hey, Ashcroft? Remember GUANTANAMO BAY? Remember the 600 men there? Remember the habeas corpus clause of the 5th amendment, especially since George the Lesser declared the war over? No? How about denial of due process in the 6th amendment? Cruel and unusual punishment in the 8th?

I think we’re reading 2 different copies of the Constitution. Ashcroft’s must be newer, because mine appears to have these shit stains on it.

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