Jesus Thinks You’re A Bunch of Crazies

Have you ever watched a fucking intellectual train wreck? By all means, visit this Christian Ministries page. (thanks, Korzak!). It made my brain bleed. The 2001 Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair Winners are the fucking BEST.

1) Paul Sanborn’s “Pokemon Prove Evolution is False” (which was a nice counter to my paper “Dragonball Z Proves Evolution is True”)

2) Patricia Lewis’s “Life Doesn’t Come From Non-Life”, an experiment that was, in its entirety, putting a charcoal briquet, water, and a multi-vitamin in a glass jar for a few weeks and observing that no life evolved from this process (though she did hedge her bet by praying “to God not to do anything miraculous during the course of the experiment”). This experiment won first place. I’d say that Ms. Lewis would have a great career in toll-booth collection were it not for…

3) Mr. John Goode’s 2nd place paper “Women Were Designed For Homemaking”. Take heart, ladies – your “lower center of gravity” makes you more suited to “carrying groceries and laundry baskets” and that the whole lower wage/glass ceiling issue is because you are “unable to work as well and thus earn equal pay.” 2 steps forward for Jesus, 2 steps forward for feminists everywhere!

This site also gave me a link to a place where I’m going to start a new collection – Christian books, tracts, and videos. There’s some truly great shit in here. There’s a section on Understanding Clinton that’s a hoot. Also, there’s a link for Landover Baptist which is a “vile and dangerous misuse of the Internet” as it “mock[s] Our Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His followers.” Funny, I was going to say that about YOU.

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