A Fistful of Mailbag

I stumbled onto your site by accident and I must tell you your style of writing is refreshing and personal .Do you write for a living ? You should .

Thank You, jerseyjoe

You see that, you ungrateful bastards? Would it kill you to send me some love every now and then, like jerseyjoe does? Hmmmm??!

And if jerseyjoe is someone posing as someone to make me feel better about myself – thanks!

To answer your question, jerseyjoe – I would like to be a JK Rowling success story, but instead find myself more like Rose Estes. I met another programmer from Zagat’s over the weekend, and she (like me) is working on writing but doing computers to pay the bills. I have a feeling I’ll be repeating that mantra to myself when I’m 60, but hope springs eternal. Spring, dammit!!

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