Return of Reasons To Not Go Outside

As usual, Black Afrob aims to please. Here’s a short clip of our latest conversation. Poor bastard.

gadhra703: I posted your leg to
bootlesshick: sweet, im famous
bootlesshick: tc should be calling soon
bootlesshick: tv that is
gadhra703: yeah. “America’s Most Hideous Shit”
gadhra703: or “Jackass”
bootlesshick: no joke, that should be on
bootlesshick: hahahha
gadhra703: or, in your case, “Queer as Folk”
bootlesshick: man, this shit totally screwed me, couldnt bend my arm or leg
bootlesshick: hahah
bootlesshick: fah q
gadhra703: Did it get on your james?
bootlesshick: yup, nuts too
bootlesshick: totally sucked
bootlesshick: not that thats been the first time, but holy shit does it suck
bootlesshick: the only thing thats worse is your a-hole
gadhra703: you’ve gotten poison ivy on your james before?
bootlesshick: oh yea
bootlesshick: i have a long history of bad ivy cases
gadhra703: apparently.

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