Prairie People

I’ve had it. Had it, I say. These prairie people have gone too far.

First, their insipid Little House with their annoying God-fearing crap. Next it was their whole “We love Manifest Destiny! horsepoo. And now, these goddamn bastards are polluting us with monkeypox from prairie dogs

I’ll let the whole “monkeypox” naming convention lie for a moment. The article states state and federal officials are trying to track down other people who may have purchased diseased pet prairie dogs, which are believed to be the source of the outbreak.. Who the fuck has a prairie dog as a pet? Were they short on golden retrievers or something at the Pets ‘R Us? You’ve got to be goddamn kidding me. Goddamn prairie people!

I want it to be known that, from this point on, prairie people are my sworn enemies. I’ll attack them on site, along with anyone else with the last name “Wilder” or who is wearing a bonnet. Consider yourselves warned.

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