Geek Out

1) Very interesting article deconstructing the new apple G5 benchmarks on To summarize, it appears Mac fudged its results a bit by using a fast malloc library as the G5 benchmark but not using it on the Dell/Intel, killed floating point calculations on the Dell/Intel by not using SSE2, and disabled hyperthreading on the Dells for the multi-proc benchmarks. I’m not pointing fingers at Mac or anything for any of this; the computer industry has a long history of fudging its benchmarks, particularly with processors and video cards for some reason. I’d also be quite surprised if I could find a G5 for under $2,000, as their ad states.

Anyway, the haxial article is well written and non-accusatory. Check the flames at the end of the article; they were my favorite.

2) A global internet laboratory has been launched to test new internet technologies and code. This might not seem like much from the outset, until you really begin to think about it – we’re abstracting the scientific method to work in a “virtual” domain in order to grow and improve it. Essentially, the experimentation will release and fight worms and viruses, understand how to improve protocols, and see how distributed computing might be leveraged for even more ridiculous power (see SETI or for some examples of distributed computing). It’s almost like the internet has become an organism that we’re experimenting on. Or, to quote korzak:
The first phase of the global research net has begun!!!
This is a technology in just about EVERY futuristic, sci-fi game EVER!
This is straight out of Master of Orion!!
We are now living in the future. Yesterday we were cavemen. Today we are gods.

I will become a being of pure energy and spread my influence across hundreds of budding civilizations in the cosmos.

I shall call myself Zagzazar, the Star Father.

The man is not well.

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