Use The Goddamn Force.

You need to check this out on Korzak’s site. It’s a young nerd flailing around wildly in front of a camera, Luke Skywalker style. I laughed, but at the same time I wondered idly to myself if that’s what I looked like when I was out flailing about, pretending I was fighting against rampaging trolls or various and sundry “monsters” from the depths of my imagination or the Monster Manual. I would like to think I didn’t but, alas, I most likely did.

I had an archery set, and my father kept my interest in the “sport” by inventing a game for me. The target was a hobgoblin, or a goblin, or an orc, or a troll, or whatever. The bullseye was a 5 hit point shot, decreasing as it went further and further outside. I would stand a certain distance away, and I had three arrows in which to kill the beast that attacked me and my party – so a 4 hit point goblin charging our intrepid adventurers on the outskirts of the Keep on the Borderlands had me to rely on before the forces of evil swept us away.

I used to shoot arrows until it was too dark to see. It was glorious.

So, I’m going to have a scotch for that little nerd tonight. No doubt that someone played a cruel joke on him, publishing his video on the Internet. If that’s true, he will be shamed for years, I’m sure.

But at least he’s not alone.

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