That’s Goddamn IT!!!

You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME!!!

I’ve just been sitting here staring at my fucking hands for five minutes straight, wondering if reality just twisted like a Moebius strip and maybe I was turned into a panda or something. The Onion had something to say about this, as usual, but I just can’t goddamn get over it. That freaking MONKEY, the one who bombed everyone despite the 20 million strong “focus groups” that opposed the war is up for a Nobel Peace Prize??!

I mean, sure – they gave it to Kissinger (aka The Mouthpiece of Satan). But Bush the Lesser? How can that even be possible? Please God, tell me no one is taking this even remotely seriously. Please??

Oh God. It’s all falling apart, isn’t it? It’s the beginning of the end. The fact that the administration didn’t give a flying shit about the conflict of interest with Halliburton and Bechtel is one thing, but the giant finger that the administration is giving the people of the world (yes, that includes America) is unbelievable!

Korzak gave me an article about Bush’s reelection campaign gearing up. He puts it best: “What if nobody suitable steps up as an alternative?? The Democrats are all busy fucking each other in the ass.”

Sweet Jesus, the man is right. I’m just about at a dead faint right now. Need…to…calm…down…breathe…dee

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