stupid math.

Jim McGuire brought up two interesting points:
1) People have to be over 18 to vote in the election, and it might have been a bunch of 12 year olds voting repeatedly for the same person.
2) Some people were voting from Canada

Here’s what I have to say to THAT:

According to the census, the number of people between the ages of 5 to 17 in the US is 53,118,014. The population of the US is approximately 291,036,835 when I checked it at 3:00:20 PM EDT. We’ve already established that number of people who voted in the last election (depends on if you ask Florida or not, ha ha!) was 105,594,024. We’ve also established that 260,000,000 people attempted to vote on American Idol.

Let’s say of that 260 million people, THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF CANADA voted for an American Idol (that’s 31,499,560 people, according to the last census) and that EVERY HUMAN BEING BETWEEN 5 and 17 years of age tried to vote. Hell, let’s say all these kids tried to vote, on average, TWICE. That would be, in total, 122,264,412 people who are American citizens who are over 18 who voted for American Idol, exceeding the number of voters in the last presidential election by 16,670,388 votes.

I hate math.

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