Can I Get the Extra Heat Sinks?

Sorry to bother you all, but Emma had this link on her site that, quite frankly, is the shit.

It’s a Battlemech. Seriously, dad? I know you’re reading this; WTF?! Where was MY Battlemech? I wouldn’t have been picky, you know: we could have totally done a low tonnage mech – a Raven or Spider or something in the 30 range; you didn’t have to go all out like that other dad with a 75 ton Madcat.

If you loved me, though, I would have had me a goddamn Atlas. Or a miniature mock-up of the Bridge at Kazak-dum. Or what about the multi-level dungeon you promised me? The life-sized Millenium Falcon? If you’ve got a dad who’s a mathematician, where’s the cool geek stuff?!

I need to lie down; I’m catching the vapors. I’ll have to look up a therapist tomorrow to help me with these deep seated issues.

At least you let me have some swords. And introduced me to D&D. Your pride must be astounding.

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